CHAiLD, A rise in Electro Pop Art, Opens Up In new EP «Urgent Care»

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Young, budding pop musician CHAiLD was born in Luxembourg and is now based in Brussels. You are pulled into his melancholy world by his distinctive, calming yet strong voice.

The artist develops his own appealing Pop style while drawing inspiration from musicians like Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, Julia Michaels, or M. He also incorporates elements of his own Italian heritage. A generational voice for queer adolescents who lack the means of speech is CHAiLD.

Since beginning his career in Luxembourg in 2019, the artist, who is only 25 years old, has added a number of remarkable accomplishments to his resume, including opening slots for musical idols Dean Lewis and Mahmood as well as numerous performances at festivals like Sonic Vision Festival (LUX) and Dockville (DE).

The next EP, «Urgent Care», was created by the young musician during a period of feeling hopeless and using songwriting as a coping mechanism for anxiety. The EP is a harrowing and sensitive study of the artist’s quest for recovery and self-acceptance. CHAiLD expresses his realisation that being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness but an opportunity to connect with people and with oneself through his sincere words and beautiful music.

The album’s tone is established by the title track, «Urgent Care», in which CHAiLD candidly discusses his problems and admits that he needs assistance. As the artist explores his past traumas and the grief he has been carrying for too long, this theme permeates the entire album.

Overall, «Urgent Care» is an emotive and honest EP that asks listeners to accompany CHAiLD on his quest for recovery and self-discovery. The artist teaches us through his music that it’s acceptable to not feel okay and that seeking treatment is a courageous and important act of self-care.

Live Dates

13/05 Tallinn Music Week (TBD, Estonia)
17/06 Fête de la Musique Kopstal (Kopstal, Luxembourg)
29/07 festival congés annulés, Rotondes (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
11/08 E-Lake festival (Eschternach, Luxembourg)
29/01 Double Show with Llucid (TBD, Belgium)
& more to come

Written by: News Room