Thursday, December 7, 2023

Eurovision : Sweden didn’t get 12 points from the peoples vote, While Finland got eighteen times 12 points

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Finland received eighteen 12 from the public, while Loreen didn't get one 12 from the public !

Many criticise the Eurovision system of professional juries. They draw attention to occasionally sizeable discrepancies between the expert jury’s and the public jury’s votes, Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet writes.

In the jury sits as we understand it, only 5 people that has lot of power – 5 people  stand behind a 12 points from the jury. While behind peoples vote 12 it’s several millions vote and EBU call it fair !

While Swedish media taunts Finland, and Swedes – it’s not a good look when you only won because of 5 people in the room in the different countries – that is not an achievement! An achievements is winning the peoples vote with several millions of votes behind!

Håkon Aleksander Røssum, head of Eurovision Norway, thinks it’s a shame that the jury ruins several good artists according to Dagbladet.

Martin Phillip Fjellanger, the founder of Eurovision Norway, is also unhappy. He believes the professional juries prevented a superb victory for Finland, Dagbladet writes.

As someone wrote in a comment, Loreen would have never won if she was not competing for Sweden – it might be some truth in that!

Peoples Vote result

  1. Finland 376
  2. Sweden 243
  3. Norway 216
  4. Ukraine 189
  5. Israel 185

Source for the numbers are

Jury Vote result

  1. Sweden 340
  2. Israel 177
  3. Italy 176
  4. Finland 150
  5. Estonia 146

Source for the numbers are

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