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Scott Berry’s new album «Fake Smile» out next week!

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Scott Berry

On June 2, 2023, Scott Berry's new album «Fake Smile» will be published. Five singles have been released in support of the album.

Scott Berry’s second album, «Fake Smile», has been a long time in the making, and Scott is excited about it. While his first album, «Voices in My Head», had a more personal and profound meaning, Scott’s second album also has very serious messages and has a lot of personal significance.

Every song on the album has been and may be related with putting on a «Fake Smile» to show people you’re ok but, deep down, you know you’re not. This is why Scott chose the name «Fake Smile» for his album.

Scott has gone through some really difficult situations and dark places that have left him saying many various things to himself, but he would never want it to show to anyone; he would always answer anyone who asked with a grin and carry on as if everything was OK.

In order to let others know that they are not alone and that there are people out there who are willing to encourage them and assist them through trying times, Scott is sharing his personal experiences.

Fake Smile (Album)

Track Listing

1. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
2. Liar (What’s Wrong with You)
3. Revenge
4. Poison
5. Fake Smile
6. The Jokes on You
7. Perfect or Not
8. Delete
9. Turn Back Time (I’m So Sorry)
10. Too Much
11. Nothin’z Gonna Stop M£
12. One That Got Away (Extended)
13. Overthinking
14. Rules (Blah, Blah)
15. Playing Tricks on Me
16. Game Show

All of these songs were written by Scott, who also produced them. Scott enjoys the creative aspect of music and works best when he can get his hands dirty.

Openly gay singer-songwriter Scott Berry began putting out music in January 2022. Since he began writing songs as a teenager, Scott has faced several obstacles that have prevented him from following his goal of having other people be able to relate to his song lyrics. But suddenly everything has changed.

Written by: News Room