National Heather Service Issues «Bad Bitch Alert»

today03/07/2023 14

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Picture of PrettiBoiRoq with an topless male actor. PrettiBoiRoq has light pink top.

Bad Bitch Alert (starring Chanel Jole), a scandalous new song and music video. Its message is straightforward: According to PrettiBoiRoq, «Bad Bitch is a mindset».

«Everyone has the energy inside of them». In the song, he and Chanel Jole encourage listeners to live life unapologetically and without reserve. «For the longest time, I was uncomfortable living in my skin. Even as late as in my songs from Haus of Ken, when I was rapping about feeling sexy and unapologetic, there was always this underlying insecurity that came through. I’ve evolved a lot since then and it reflects in the new music».  PrettiBoiRoq’s «Bad Bitch Alert (featuring Chanel Jole)».

From his Los Angeles recording studio, PrettiBoiRoq says, «’Bad Bitch Alert’ is an anthem of self-love». «I want the song to be playing loudly in the background while children are getting ready for the club or driving to school. I hope it gives them an immediate confidence boost and serves as a reminder that they can do this. They will conquer all challenges in their path since they are also terrible bitches».

The song was co-written by PrettiBoiRoq and Chanel Jole.For a while, the two had been attempting to collaborate. «In order to find the perfect sound for our tune, we combed through hundreds of beats. I instantly realised ‘this is it’» as I came out with the beat that would become «Bad Bitch Alert»! Chanel immediately started composing the lyrics after I sent her a demo. In the studio, they collaborated on writing the third verse.

PrettiBoiRoq’s first official song after the release of his 2018 sophomore album, «Haus of Ken», is «Bad Bitch Alert». «’Haus of Ken’ has and always will be my baby», I have said, «but I have spent the last few years exploring sounds and working on new creative «Bad Bitch Alert» captures PrettiBoiRoq’s current state of sexual experimentation and body positivity.

Nicholas Eastman produced, shot, and edited the powerful music video for «Bad Bitch Alert». PrettiBoiRoq and Chanel Jole play Barbie and Ken in a cotton candy-coated playhouse, and both of them flash a lot of skin in the music video. PrettiBoiRoq claims, «I have grown to appreciate my physique and I am not ashamed to show it off». «Pink has become my go-to colour, and my fashion choices are riskier and more risqué than ever. Every Ken doll requires a touch of pink».

Written by: News Room