Wednesday, September 27, 2023

PJ Taylor and his new album «Escapism» is out now !

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Two captivating singles from renowned singer-songwriter PJ Taylor are about to be released, and they're sure to enthral music fans everywhere.

These songs, «Rise Above It All» and «Broken Melodies» (Club Mix), are examples of PJ’s extraordinary talent and his association with the renowned Paul Miles.

PJ Taylor continues to astonish listeners with his live sets with his passionate and contemplative songwriting despite having already achieved extraordinary success with two number one singles on the LGBTQ Music Chart. PJ’s music has a strong emotional impact on listeners of all racial backgrounds thanks to his particular combination of intense vocals and moving lyrics.

The upbeat song «Rise Above It All» encourages listeners to face challenges head-on and find their inner strength. PJ’s soul-stirring vocals perfectly compliment the song’s inspirational message to create a potent and lasting impression.

On the other side, «Broken Melodies» (Club Mix) is a high-energy, upbeat tune that whisks listeners away to the Ibiza’s throbbing clubs and sun-drenched beaches. The song captures the energising mood and energising energy of the island with its contagious beats, ecstatic melodies, and catchy lyrics.

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