Jack Hawitt «Easy»

today14/08/2023 7

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Jack Hawitt2

Have you ever had the impression that your ex doesn't see you or that you never really mattered? Or are you currently in the post-breakup period when you have stopped all communication but are now trying to run into that person wherever you go? If you've ever had a similar [...]

The London-based musician, whose writing credits include Ava Max, Pharrell Williams, Megan Thee Stallion, and many other A-Listers, has recently released his latest pop hit, «Easy», which flawlessly captures all the aforementioned emotions in its thumping production and approachable melody.

One of such artists, Jack Hawitt, has the uncanny ability to capture real-life feelings and circumstances and turn them into anthems of pop music that instantly grab listeners’ attention and sound like radio songs. The summer is almost to arrive, and the British has once again produced a hit that is ideal for festival situations.

Speaking about the song, the fast-rising music maker states: «I wrote ‘Easy’ about the point in a break-up when you’re blocked, and have no contact – wandering around the city scanning every face hoping to bump into them and driving yourself a bit crazy».

The summer’s soundtrack and the song that will assist you in letting rid of a toxic relationship is «Easy». Behind the stomping sing-along beat is a strong message, and that’s what Jack Hawitt excels at. Exhilarating, frantic productions with deep, poignant lyrics.

Written by: News Room