Drag Queen Country Singer Amiss Tori’s «Time Machine»

today08/09/2023 8

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Amiss Tori drag queen sitting in front of a piana och microphone. Cowboy hat - red hair.

Amiss Tori's new track «Time Machine» is a country-pop/folk mid-tempo ballad about a small-town country girl who longs to escape her life in rural Missouri to the dazzling lights of the big city.

She looks back on her life and considers what may have been if she had made different decisions.

She fantasises about where the uncharted paths would have taken her and considers how different her life might have been if she could just trade a DeLorean for her old beat-up Capri.

Musically, the song is inspired by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Tammy Wynette, with Amiss sacrificing her customary upright piano for the country twang of a throwback 1970’s Wurlitzer keyboard. She also demonstrates her abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, playing finger picking banjo, guitars, and bass, as well as recording, mixing, and producing the song. As Amiss Tori puts it… «When you’re a drag queen you are your own hair stylist, your own make up artist and your own costumer, so why not add being your own producer, your own songwriter and your own band to the mix as well».

If you’re wondering where you recognise Amiss from, you might have seen her on this year’s hit Channel 4 (UK) TV show The Piano alongside Cluadia Winkelman, pop star Mika and world renowned classical pianist Lang Lang

But who exactly is she? As her name implies, she is a mystery, and she will remain so for the foreseeable future. Some say she was a former Vegas showgirl, while others say she was a classical concert pianist who fell out of favour. Nobody is certain. However, there are a few things we do know… We know she plays the piano, sings, and loves to dress in sequins, and we have it on good authority that she is NOT a natural redhead!

She, like all couch lizards, comes to life at night. She can be found late at night in a hotel bar or a late-night cocktail lounge. She’ll be at the piano, sipping a dirty martini and playing a torch song by one of her fave country music queens.

Written by: News Room