The Americana Ballad «Thief» Prepares Us For Emily Nicole Green’s Debut EP

today09/09/2023 5

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Emily Nicole Green sitting down smiling with closed eyes.

«Thief» was released in advance of Green's next EP, «Outrunning The Animal», which is set to be released on vinyl and streaming on October 30th.

Emily Nicole Green, a NYC-based singer-songwriter, released her new single «Thief» last Friday, September 8, and you might have to pull over if you’re listening to it while driving. This song is the most visceral and transparent of Green’s upcoming debut EP, «Outrunning The Animal», both musically and in terms of letting listeners feel her agony. «Thief» is an Americana ballad that incorporates elements of Jazz, Folk, and Pop, resulting in a timeless and emotionally powerful piece.

«Thief» is a song about being abandoned or rejected by someone you care about. It’s an invitation to stop reacting by surrendering ourselves. It’s also about accepting that two contradictory truths can coexist in the same person. It’s about making room for what actually happened as well as how you imagined things would have turned out.

«Outrunning The Animal», Emily Nicole Green’s debut EP, will be released in October 2023. The EP contains five songs that are rooted in Americana but veer into other genres, including pop («It’s Gonna Be Okay»), country («Hole In My Heart»), blues and jazz («Wreckage»), and folk («Thief»), depending on the tune… Green explores loss and wrath, rejection and desperation, and the humiliations of unrequited love in her music for this EP, all while testing the seas of acceptance and hope.

Written by: News Room