Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin’s «Town» sets the dance floor on fire.

today21/09/2023 4

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Bryce Bowyn with blond hair and red sunglasses

Turn on the smoke machine and get ready for the release of «Town», Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin's latest track.

This song isn’t simply a dance-floor anthem about a memorable night out on the «Town»; it’s also a heartfelt tribute to the iconic Town Danceboutique, a thriving gay club that characterised an era of LGBTQ nightlife in Washington, DC.

Bryce Bowyn and Lexie Martin‘s adventure begins at American University, where their friendship blossomed. They couldn’t resist the magnetic appeal of Town Danceboutique, a place that had a transforming role in establishing their identities as two avid pop fans.

For Bowyn, this space marked a significant turning point, representing his first immersive experience in an openly gay environment after leaving high school. «Town was more than just a venue; it was a sanctuary of self-discovery and acceptance», says Bowyn. «Lexie and I wanted to craft a song that would sound like a classic Friday night at Town – complete with makeouts, blackouts, and ferocity».

Regrettably, the curtains closed on Town Danceboutique in 2018, leaving behind a legacy that still resonates today. Martin fondly recalls, «Town was a place my friends and I would go to live our fantasy. Our song’s important because it’s a way to cherish the happiness that Town brought to its patrons. And that’s something worth remembering. We need places like that».

Written by: News Room