Wildcard is sweeping the world of music

today14/10/2023 8

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Lorenza Wildcard with sparkling lights bhind her.

Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Lorenza Wildcard is known for her inventiveness, musical adaptability, and composition.

Strong and an artist, Lorenza Wildcard regained control over her life after a story got away from her. She shown resiliency and an unexpectedly honest candour when discussing her unfiltered feelings. However, this artist also has no desire to follow rules or conform.

She is at ease discussing her weak side, but she also wants to showcase her sensual, playful, and self-assured side while being open about her struggles.

Her fan base has a component where they feel like they are growing together as a result. Not surprisingly, she chooses her releases extremely carefully so that her admirers can travel with her, virtually as if they are reading her diary.

While with «You & I» we felt her sorrow and with «My Army» we felt uplifted and empowered, with «Call the Devil» and «Tequila (all I wanna do is dance)» we are shown confidence and wittiness.

«Call the Devil» is about rebuilding a life after it fell apart. It’s about pushing boundaries while testing societal rules and beliefs about how one should live their life. It’s about having a little daredevil fun,albeit never loosing site of values, dreams and goals.

«Tequila (all I wanna do is dance)» is a sexy and powerful song. It’s about a confident woman who wants to go out dancing and have fun, who is comfortable playing with her sensuality but without seeking validation from others. She is dancing on her own and she is unapologetic about it.

Both songs play with the idea of being rebellious, but the audaciously witty lyrics are there to incite new and old gens to take back control of their lives and narratives, to be fierce and independent.

Written by: News Room