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Antonio Sky’s exciting and energetic new dance/pop track, «Stutter», will be released very soon!

today21/10/2023 2

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Picture of Antonio Sky with a hat.

Antonio Sky's awesome new dance/pop single, «Stutter», is gonna blow your mind on November 10th. Antonio himself wrote this killer track, and the super talented Murphy Smith produced it in his cozy bedroom studio. Get ready to groove to the infectious beats and catchy hooks of «Stutter» - it's gonna [...]

The sound of «Stutter» is a delightful blend of modern pop and dance elements. Antonio’s soulful vocals shine brightly over a vibrant electronic background, resulting in an exciting and uplifting musical journey. What makes this single truly special is its relatable theme – the enchanting love story of two people caught in a web of secrecy. As the chorus joyfully proclaims, their happiness triumphs over societal judgments and concealed feelings.

The motivation behind «Stutter» stems from the timeless challenge of finding a harmonious blend between longing and caution. Antonio‘s heartfelt lyrics explore the profound nature of love that is deemed forbidden, where a fiery passion emerges against all odds. The bridge of the song strengthens their unwavering connection, highlighting the limitless power of love, even when it requires defying societal norms.

Antonio Sky is a true gem from the bustling music scene of Philadelphia, where creativity flows like magic in the veins of talented artists. Inspired by the iconic Prince and Madonna, Antonio combines his one-of-a-kind vocal style with groundbreaking production techniques. His journey started in local singing competitions and shows, where he perfected his skills and captivated audiences with his electrifying performances.

As a dedicated artist, Antonio Sky always pushes boundaries and redefines genres, staying true to his authentic self. With his latest masterpiece, «Stutter», he warmly invites listeners into his world—a place where love blossoms, secrets unfold, and music becomes a powerful channel for genuine emotions. Get ready to be swept off your feet by Antonio’s irresistible presence and the pulsating energy of «Stutter».

«Stutter», is out on November 10th 2023 (worldwide).


Written by: News Room