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Steinsdotter’s New «Ginnungagap» Mixtape Transports Listeners to an Otherworldly Journey

today24/10/2023 6

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Picture of Steinsdotter - she has blond wavy hair.

Get ready to embark on an otherworldly journey with Avant garde pop artist Steinsdotter and her latest mixtape, «Ginnungagap».

With a wicked collection of curiosities, Steinsdotter sets her soul on fire as she welcomes this season of darkness. The limited release earlier this summer had fans and critics buzzing with excitement for the complete collection, which will be available on October 27th.

In 2023, Steinsdotter dominated the Music Week Club charts with multiple singles from the mixtape, making waves in notable tastemakers like Mundane Magazine. But what does «Ginnungagap» even mean? Well, it refers to the meeting of fire and ice, or the potential for everything and nothing all at once in Norse mythology. And let me tell you, Steinsdotter uses this mixtape as an opportunity to showcase a diverse range of sounds, feelings, and styles that create a space for cohesion among projects that wouldn’t normally live in the same world.

One fan-favorite track on the mixtape is «Nightshift», where Steinsdotter channels a charismatic witch-glam aesthetic with textured soundscapes that are out of this world. You won’t be able to resist moving your body in sync with the hypnotic beats and eerie whispers of unhallowed strings. Another standout track is «Read My Hips», embodying Steinsdotter’s signature feminine darkness infused sound.

But wait, there’s more! The mixtape also features tracks like «Air», showcasing Steinsdotter‘s stylistic range in a more acoustic setting. And guess what? She worked with an incredible team of collaborators like Agon Branza, Occult Hardware, Sarah Kershaw, and Takatsuna Mukai to bring each track to life.

As a multidisciplinary artist who takes a hands-on approach from start to finish on all her projects, Steinsdotter is ecstatic that «Ginnungagap» will be her first vinyl release. This mixtape is a vivid journey inviting anyone who hears the call to connect with the spiritual, elemental soundscapes she has created. And if you’re wondering about her creative process, Steinsdotter explains, «there’s a lot running around my brain and it’s never been about a cohesive collection of work once known as an ‘album’. The format of a mixtape suits how I work much more. This is why creating a Mixtape has been so extremely liberating for me as an artist».

So mark your calendars for October 27th 2023 and get ready to be transported to another realm with Steinsdotter’s «Ginnungagap» mixtape. It’s time to let your spirit soar and embrace the darkness in style!

Written by: News Room