Just Shy Embraces a Blissful Comeback With «Sea Can’t Cure»

today06/11/2023 3

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Just Shy in a purple glow

Just Shy joyfully reminisces about the adventurous choices made during a memorable night out and eagerly anticipates the soothing effect of his mesmerising new single «Sea Can't Cure». This delightful, mid-tempo synth-pop track honestly delves into the aftermath of having a little too much fun.

Filled with acceptance, «Sea Can’t Cure» acknowledges that what goes up must come down. On the song’s catchy and rhythmic chorus, the talented musician from Melbourne joyfully sings: «there are some comedowns that even the sea can’t cure/I surrender myself when I hear the sirens’ lure».

Dreamy and serene, «Sea Can’t Cure» effortlessly blends Just Shy‘s enchanting vocals (expertly crafted by Curtis Hatton) with captivating guitar melodies and a comforting, rhythmic beat (skillfully created by Dion Shaw), evoking the soothing vibes of Moby’s Porcelain, William Orbit’s expansive production, and Troye Sivan’s tranquil moments.

«Sea Can’t Cure» is an incredibly touching follow-up to its energetic and catchy predecessor, «Silhouette». «Silhouette» received immense support from Purple Sneakers, Jon Ali’s Queer Necessities, JOY 94.9, The Musical Hype, and many others when it was released in March 2023.

«’Sea Can’t Cure’ represents the morning after Silhouette’s night before», Just Shy says. «All that brash, bombastic energy has dissipated, and what’s left is a sense of vulnerability – but still with a glimmer of hope». «As much as I love releasing and performing bangers, it’s refreshing to tap into a more introspective, pensive side of myself that I haven’t explored on record for a while», he reflects.

A calming melody for the Sunday Scaries (or a blue Monday), «Sea Can’t Cure» comes with the assurance that the feeling of longing and anxiety will gradually fade away.

Written by: News Room