Muscle Fem pop singer drops her latest track and music video for «Male Femininity»!

today13/11/2023 38

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Queen Sir JET in Pink strapless dress with pink neckless. Muscular

The genderfluid, introverted muscle fem pop singer Queen Sir JET is super excited about her new high energy dance single, «Male Femininity», and hopes it will encourage listeners to embrace their true selves and break free from society's expectations.

«My parents never had a problem with their son being homosexual, but they had a huge issue with him being gender queer», the artist explains. She says the music industry has too. «I have been told over and over again that my image is not relatable to audiences», she says, adding how the idea for «Male Femininity» came from the criticism she has received. «I cannot control how people feel. I can’t make them like me. I have to accept me and be happy with who I am: a soft- spoken feminine man who enjoys wearing lingerie and dresses over his crazy, big muscles».

«Growing up, my mother insisted everyone was either male or female», Queen Sir JET recalls from her home in Los Angeles. «My father tried to convince me that souls were gendered, and therefore no matter my outer appearance, my gender was fixed and could not change. I knew both of them were wrong because I’ve never quite felt totally male or female».

A lot of Queen Sir JET’s music these days revolves around her incredible journey to embracing her gender and discovering self-love. Her songs often reflect her battles with self-assurance. She tends to question every choice she makes, always pondering if her decisions are the best. Will the future bring joy, or is she meant to never fulfill her life’s true potential?

Queen Sir JET had a joyful upbringing in the suburbs of Chicago and later Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by her loving parents and older sister. From a young age, she loved playing with dolls and wearing sparkly leotards. As she grew older, she struggled with her changing body and voice, but she persevered. Despite being diagnosed with gender dysmorphia, she remained strong and resilient.

Joey Arrigo did an amazing job directing and choreographing the music visual for «Male Femininity». Queen Sir JET looks absolutely stunning in several of her favorite looks! Queen Sir JET shares her excitement, saying, «It’s such a treat to wear an elaborate gown, so I get super thrilled when the opportunity arises».

The black goth look is a nod to her debut EP, «Shout-out to the Lonely». She chose not to wear the black eyeliner she wore in 2012, signaling that she’s not the person she was then, but that a part of that person will always be in her. The blue gown in «Male Femininity» is her favorite piece of clothing. «I bought it three years ago and have been saving it for a special occasion». She pairs the gown with the earrings and bracelets that she wore in the «Empowered Bottom» music video as a nod to her sexual side, a side which has been, and always will be, an important part of her image.

Written by: News Room