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«Keep Me Warm» is a piece that evokes feelings of both sadness and optimism

today28/11/2023 28

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Jxckson sitting in striped coach in white tank top and black jeans - background is red

Created by the incredibly gifted UK artist and producer Sevenths, «Keep Me Warm»" is a unique and delightful take on a holiday tune.

It’s a touching journey of reconnecting after time alone, filled with both emotions and optimism. It beautifully captures the feelings of the holiday season in a new and modern way.

Jxckson thinks «Keep Me Warm» brings a special vibe to the holiday playlist scene. It’s a song that explores the depth of the season, providing a real and easy-to-connect-with point of view.

Jxckson is an amazing artist who fearlessly pushes the boundaries of genres. He is renowned for his captivating live performances and a sound that defies genres, infused with a captivating burlesque flair. His music is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, encouraging listeners to embrace their uniqueness.

Jxckson‘s «Keep Me Warm» will be out on 1 December 2023, you can pre-save it here.

Written by: News Room