Bryce Bowyn Reveals Theme Song from New Podcast Drama «Dupont Investigations»

today30/11/2023 15

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Bryce Bowyn with blond hair and red sunglasses

Bryce Bowyn, the exciting pop singer from Washington, DC, is ready to dazzle audiences with his latest single, «Devils of Dupont». This captivating power ballad marks a departure from Bowyn's signature dance tracks, offering a lush and cinematic production that showcases a new side to his artistry.

«Devils of Dupont» serves as the theme song for the new original audio drama series, «Dupont Investigations».

Producer Alyssa Willkens’new single is a powerful exploration of heartbreak, beautifully brought to life by Bryce Bowyn’s captivating storytelling and the enchanting melodies that define «Devils of Dupont». It’s a standout addition to his already diverse discography.

«Devils of Dupont» is the exciting theme song for Nocturne Hall‘s «Dupont Investigations». Created by the visionary Marc Benjamin Langston and directed and sound designed by Bowyn, this podcast debuts its first season with «The Scourge from Carthage», an enthralling queer, supernatural noir. Get ready for a thrilling and immersive experience as the show takes you into the mysterious and atmospheric world of 1930s Washington, DC.

Bryce shared that «‘Devils of Dupont’ is unlike anything I’ve released before. The vocals are stripped back and the production is more cinematic and organic. Even though the lyrics are written from the perspective of the characters, the song is me at my most vulnerable. It feels like new ground for me both as an artist and songwriter».

In recognition of his significant artistic contributions, Bryce Bowyn has been awarded a 2024 Arts and Humanities Fellowship grant as well as a Projects, Events, and Festivals grant by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. These funds will support the creation of a new EP slated for release by the end of 2024, promising an exciting continuation of Bowyn’s musical evolution.

Written by: News Room