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Luke Alexander’s new EP, a result of an exciting creative journey

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Emerging artist Luke Alexander’s EP «a la carte» is born out of an exploration of resistance, self-discovery, and personal growth.

From Visalia, CA, Luke Alexander is setting off on an exciting creative journey to share his amazing artistry with the world. «a la carte» offers a wide variety of music, including R&B, EDM, and alternative pop, so there’s bound to be a song that will really connect with you.

The EP will soon be available for streaming on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.), marking a major milestone in Luke’s musical journey. Teaming up with producer Jesse Brandt, he recorded in his cozy and vibrant Los Angeles apartment closet. «Taste of Reality» kicks off a pursuit of a dream through pop, transitioning to EDM with «Speed of Sound», while «Want» is rich with R&B influences. «Show Don’t Tell» and «Asentimental» are alternative pop tracks that wrap up the collection. Each song delves into a different aspect of longing: for a dream, for losing yourself to music and dancing, for physical desires, for wanderlust, and for love—offering unique glimpses into Alexander’s heartfelt world.

Luke’s debut single «Taste of Reality» is a true reflection of his newfound sense of purpose and his desire to connect with a global audience. This song was written while stuck in LA traffic and delves into the concept of reality and its many flavors. Luke’s ethereal vocals and thought-provoking lyrics promise to take listeners on a captivating and uplifting musical journey.

«’Taste of Reality’ is my debut musical creation, and I’m thrilled for everyone to hear it»,  says Luke. «It’s a song inspired by dreams and ambitions, and I hope it connects with those who yearn for a taste of authenticity».

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