Felix III «Full Speed Ahead»

today21/12/2023 9

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Felix III in white shorts and crop top - white background - sitting on the floor

A mind-blowing trip into the artist's creative world, «Full Speed Ahead» uses cosmic visuals, exciting synths, uplifting rhythms, and innovative sounds (even including Star Wars samples) to craft an electrifying electro-pop adventure.

Felix is absolutely amazing in his exploration, thoughtfully pondering on identity, ego, and transformation, all while transforming his deeply personal experiences into a universal anthem for self-discovery.

Meet Felix III, the amazing queer, Mexican-American artist from Brooklyn who is taking the music world by storm with his incredible End of Times Electronica. His music has a unique blend of uplifting dance beats and calming ambient sounds that will transport you to another world. Felix III’s talent knows no bounds as he seamlessly combines synthpop, electropop, new wave, and ambient genres to create something truly special. Get ready to be blown away by Felix III’s amazing music!

With music as his magical tool, Felix III creates a beautiful tapestry of hope, encouraging everyone to embrace their inner light. His compositions are like a peaceful oasis, motivating listeners to conquer their challenges and find comfort in their struggles.

From a time when there was no band or songs released, Felix III’s journey has taken an incredible turn. Working with the amazing Trevor V, they have brought three captivating songs to life, performing on the stages of music festivals and finding an audience that ignites a newfound sense of self-belief.

Join the wonderful community of «The Cult»,  where Felix III’s journey has flourished and grown. Wear your best white outfit and let your inner sparkle shine in this beautiful space.

Written by: News Room