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Scott Free’s «Songs To Fight Oppression»

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Scott Free has launched his sing-along, folk and multi-genre social justice album «Songs To Fight Oppression», which includes his anthem of inclusion «Welcome Here», and the uplifting and powerful «Uprising», featuring Nigerian vocalist Agosa.

«Songs To Fight Oppression» is a 12-track album of timeless protest songs, offering a strong voice for change. Scott Free has crafted a wonderful collection of empowering songs to uplift us all. Addressing various contemporary issues, «Songs To Fight Oppression» delves into topics like the environment, peace activism, healthcare, fair wages, and LGBTQ rights.

In the Pete Seeger tradition, these songs are meant to be sung in groups at rallies, protests, social justice, and folk music gatherings. Produced by multi-instrumentalist Scott Free, this album is a wonderful collection of songs that makes protesting fun. Each song has a concise, tight construction with memorable melodies, or instantly recognizable chants. Scott’s songs are captivating, with modern pop sensibilities, yet fully grounded in the tradition of protest folk music. They show us how powerful music can be, and the importance it plays in all of our lives.

Scott has dropped five solo albums before, plus an LGBTQ family album with his crew The Diesel Tykes. He’s also released two original cast albums for his musicals Zombie Bathhouse and Witches Among Us, and he’s getting ready to put out a third album for his musical House Musical.

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