The Narcissist Cookbook: A Unique Blend of Music, Storytelling, and Unapologetic Authenticity

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The Narcissist Cookbook looking through a glass

Born and raised on the picturesque island of Arran off the west coast of Scotland, «The Narcissist Cookbook», led by the enigmatic Matt Johnston (they/them), has carved a unique path in the music scene.

Immersed in the diverse sounds of American blues and country rock, Matt’s musical path shifted significantly at 13 when a bootleg tape of Green Day’s «Insomniac» album sparked a rebellious passion for music.

Matt’s musical journey began as a self-taught musician with a rebellious spirit, busking and playing in bars. Despite facing challenges such as losing their voice for nine months and struggling with substance abuse, Matt’s transformation led to the emergence of «The Narcissist Cookbook», using the guitar to enhance the impact of their spoken monologues inspired by various influences.

«The Narcissist Cookbook»’s third album, «This Is How We Get Better», was a turning point that propelled them into the spotlight. With a dedicated global fanbase and a sold-out UK tour, Matt found themselves leading a movement that resonated with those seeking honest, introspective, and fearless musical narratives.

In 2024, The Narcissist Cookbook plans to embark on international tours and launch a 40-minute compilation album, which will include the much-anticipated «Courtney (Director’s Cut)». Additionally, Matt is working on a new album titled «Myth», delving into themes of codependency, fairytales, and a spooky children’s book-on-tape.

When defining «The Narcissist Cookbook», terms like neurodivergent, honest, confrontational, vibrant, and empowering come to the forefront. Matt Johnston embraces their queerness, delivering a unique blend of trashy acoustic punk, folk storytelling, and one-person theatre performances.

The recent sold-out UK tour saw unforgettable moments, with venues at full capacity and meet-and-greet lines stretching for hours. Matt’s unapologetic approach to songwriting, addressing topics like mental health, non-monogamy, and abusive relationships, has deeply resonated with a diverse audience.

Matt’s journey from small-scale productions to sold-out venues without management or a record label is a testament to their resilience. Each album, from «Moth» to «Hymn», pushes the boundaries of the traditional format, reflecting a commitment to artistic exploration.

Matt Johnston’s main message focuses on self-acceptance and acknowledging the parts of oneself that may be considered too frightening or vulnerable. Using music and storytelling, they inspire fans to embrace their fears, believing that genuine healing comes from being open rather than hiding.

«The Narcissist Cookbook» has contributed to compilations benefiting TransLifeline, a non-profit organization offering peer-to-peer support and crisis helplines, in support of the transgender community.

Written by: News Room