One of country music’s most promising acts, Brian Falduto, releasing new single «One More»

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Brian Falduto, One More single cover

Brian Falduto, one of the most promising young artists in country music, has recently dropped a new track called «One More».

The artist, a rising star in the genre, infuses his music with a rich, mature baritone that defies his youth and youthful charm. His latest track reflects this feeling, encapsulating an evening of shared talks, joy, and authentic bonding, all delivered with a remarkably insightful and mature perspective.

«In ‘One More’, I aimed to encapsulate those collective moments we fondly reminisce about», the singer tells LGBTQ Music Chart. «It delves into the thrill a romantic evening can offer and the transformative power a gaze can wield, turning the mundane into the magical. According to Falduto, this piece transcends being merely a song; it beckons all to revisit and treasure those defining nights, presented in the delightful guise of a classic country drinking song with an island flair».

«One More» reimagines a night in your life that you’re reluctant to see conclude, extending an alluring offer to prolong the experience. It serves as a heartfelt chronicle of the artist’s journey, encapsulating happiness, optimism, and potential: a refreshing departure from the prevailing trends in the genre.

Falduto’s work has garnered widespread acclaim for its sincere storytelling and genuine musicality. iHeart commended his first album, «Gay Country», for its nostalgic throwback to the 90s and early 2000s, praising it as a collection that brings happiness, humor, and a feeling of inclusion. Music Crowns, a renowned platform for discovering talented artists worldwide, lauded his song «Just a Phase» for its raw and introspective lyrics, as well as its exceptional vocal and production quality. Broadway World also joined in the praise, celebrating Falduto’s performances and the empowering message of embracing one’s true self. The recognition and accolades received by Falduto underscore his talent and ability to connect with audiences on a deep and meaningful level.

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Written by: News Room