Bryce Bowyn drops new EP «Divine Chemistry», featuring original music blend.

today21/02/2024 32

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Bryce Bowyn with blond hair and red sunglasses

Bryce Bowyn, the pioneering dance-pop artist from Washington, DC, has unveiled his long-awaited EP, «Divine Chemistry». This five-track compilation showcases Bowyn's musical growth and is set to enthrall listeners with its diverse themes and genres.

Leading the EP is the new single, «Saint Sebastian», a shimmering synth-pop anthem inspired by Renaissance art and the agony of unreciprocated, LGBTQ love. This song is set to be the core of «Divine Chemistry» highlighting Bowyn’s skill in creating catchy, powerful pop music.

«Divine Chemistry» also includes a strong lineup of already released tracks, such as the energetic «A Bridge Burned Down», the collaborative piece «Town» with Lexie Martin’s vocals, and the eerie «Devils of Dupont,” the theme of the Dupont Investigations podcast. The new addition, «If Only», completes this collection. With producer FHUR’s guidance, Bowyn delves into new sonic realms, delving into electronic soundscapes and expanding his artistic boundaries.

For his outstanding artistic contributions, Bryce Bowyn has received the 2024 Arts and Humanities Fellowship grant along with a Projects, Events, and Festivals grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. These grants acknowledge Bowyn’s musical talent and will greatly assist in producing new work later this year.

After performing to sold-out crowds in support of TikTok sensation Shauna Dean Cokeland and international pop star GIRLI, Bryce is set to embark on his 2024 Pride Tour this summer. The tour guarantees an exciting adventure for fans, providing an immersive dive into the realm of Bryce Bowyn’s «Divine Chemistry». Bowyn’s most recent EP can be streamed on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Written by: News Room