The Journey of Dear Sara: From Reindeer Herder to Acclaimed Musician

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Dear Sare

Discover how she pursued her passion for music, made her debut as a solo artist, and collaborated with renowned musicians.

The Journey of Dear Sara: From Reindeer Herder to Acclaimed Musician

Dear Sara, also known as Sara Nutti, is a Swedish-Sámi artist whose music and lyrics are deeply rooted in her upbringing as a reindeer herder in the Karesuando region, northeast of Kiruna. Growing up in Sweden’s northernmost urban area, which is home to only a few hundred inhabitants, Dear Sara’s music reflects the unique blend of her rural background and her experiences in the bustling metropolitan life of Stockholm, where she later moved.

A Passion for Music

At the age of 16, Sara Nutti discovered her passion for music and realised that it was what she wanted to dedicate her life to. She took a leap of faith and competed in the audition phase of the Swedish X Factor, which opened doors for her musical journey. In pursuit of her dreams, she even traveled to Los Angeles to explore new opportunities and collaborate with experienced producers. This experience allowed her to meet new people and immerse herself in a world that was vastly different from her upbringing.

Debut and Success

In 2021, Dear Sara made her debut as a solo artist with the release of her single «Something You Should Know». The song showcased her unique sound and captivating lyrics, instantly capturing the attention of music enthusiasts. Following her successful debut, she released her EP titled «I’m Not That Sad:)», further solidifying her place in the music industry.

One of Dear Sara’s notable achievements was co-writing the song «Stockholm är kallt» with Jasmine Kara. This track serves as a tribute to the city that has become her home, blending elements of horror and delight to encapsulate the contrasting emotions of urban life.

Collaborations and Recognition

Continuing her musical journey, Dear Sara had the opportunity to collaborate with internationally acclaimed DJ Deorro on the song «You Are Not Alone» in 2023. This collaboration further expanded her reach and introduced her to a global audience.

In 2024, Dear Sara competed in Melodifestivalen (Swedens searching for their entry for Eurovision), a renowned Swedish music competition. Although she did not secure a spot in the final, her song «The Silence After You» garnered attention and was added to popular playlists such as Jungeltelegrafen on Spotify and Apple Music.


Dear Sara’s journey from a reindeer herder in a small Swedish town to an acclaimed musician in Stockholm is a testament to her talent, perseverance, and the power of following one’s passion. Her music beautifully combines her rural roots with the vibrancy of urban life, creating a unique and captivating sound. As she continues to evolve as an artist, we can expect Dear Sara to leave a lasting impact on the music industry with her heartfelt lyrics and mesmerising melodies.

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Source abour Dear Sara are SVT’s Mellopedia

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