Thursday, September 21, 2023

Swedish journalist Tobbe Ek should apologise to Måneskin

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EBU Statement on alleged drug use at Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

Following allegations of drug use in the Green Room of the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final on Saturday 22 May, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), as requested by the Italian delegation, has conducted a thorough review of the facts, including checking all available footage. A drug test was also voluntarily undertaken earlier today by the lead singer of the band Måneskin which has returned a negative result seen by the EBU.

No drug use took place in the Green Room and we consider the matter closed.

We are alarmed that inaccurate speculation leading to fake news has overshadowed the spirit and the outcome of the event and unfairly affected the band.

We wish to congratulate Måneskin once again and wish them huge success. We look forward to working with our Italian member Rai on producing a spectacular Eurovision Song Contest in Italy next year.

Our opinion are as follows :

If Swedish journalists want to work with investigating journalistic, they should look at the their own government poorly handling of the covid-19 pandemic, instead of creating fake news about Måneskin.

Swedish journalist Tobbe Ek in Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has already tainted Måneskin reputation and needs to do a public apology to Måneskin and lead singer.

Below is the video, were Aftonbladet brags about asking the question about drug use, no other journalist dared to ask triumphed as a Swedish scoop . Now it’s ended up as fake news. They have turned off comments, but not taken down the fake news clip.

Update 08.56 PM UK time – Tobbe Ek response to our sister publication

Tobbe Ek
Photo facsimile Twitter

Photo by EBU / Thomas Hanses

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