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«Coming Out» by Julia Alfrida are West Pride official Pride song for 2022

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Julia Alfrida

Julia Alfrida will perform with «Coming Out» during West Pride in Eriksbergshallen, Gothenburg on both 17th and 18th June and the song premiered on Spotify and Apple Music last Friday (27 May 2022).

Earlier this spring, West Pride announced a song competition to nominate the festival’s official Pride song for 2022, the first ever since the festival started in 2007. After the jury, consisting of Melodifestivalen’s competition producer Karin Gunnarsson, artist and songwriter Fredrik Kempe who has several melody festival wins behind him and Anders Olsson , producer of West Pride’s stage program, listened through all the submitted entries, it is now clear that it is «Coming Out» with Julia Alfrida who has been chosen as the winner.

«Coming Out» is a true «coming out anthem» that summaries everything that West Pride stands for in three minutes, says Anders Olsson.

With «Coming Out», Julia Alfrida really sets the bar for how an Official Pride song should sound in 2022. «The song has a modern sound and a personal style», says Fredrik Kempe.

Julia Alfrida has participated in both «P4 Neste» and the Melodifestivalen and is currently one of the most brilliant LGBTQ+ artists in Sweden.

Julia Alfrida really impressed in the Melodifestivalen 2021 and showed that she is an artist to keep track of and to count on in the future. «It feels quite right that she is the one who gets to put her personal stamp on the soundtrack to West Pride», says Karin Gunnarsson.

It is a great honour to win West Pride’s official Pride Song Contest with «Coming Out» and not least to be voted on by the renowned jury. «I feel strengthened by Karin Gunnarsson’s and Fredrik Kempe’s fine words of praise and I am extremely excited that everyone else will hear my ‘come out song’», says Julia Alfrida.

«Coming Out» is about daring to be yourself and about the right to identify yourself just as you are. Julia came out as a lesbian five years ago and now identifies herself as non-binary and the song takes its starting point in that process.

«’Coming Out’ is, despite the message of life and death, definitely the happiest song I have written and I love it. I usually write songs that have a feeling of darkness in them, but Coming Out is completely uninterrupted and happy in itself, which is wonderful», Julia Alfrida continues.

In total, about 50 contributions were submitted. West Pride thanks all the artists and the commitment behind it.

The song is written and produced by Julia Alfrida and Dinosaur House.

West Pride 13th to 19th June 2022

West Pride is Gothenburg’s most colourful festival – a unique art and culture festival that highlights criticism of norms and LGBTQI people’s life situation through art and culture with over 100,000 visits and 300 program points. The festival is free for visitors and is primarily aimed at LGBTQI + people in Gothenburg and Västra Götaland, but also at a wider public nationally and internationally.

Take a listen to «Coming Out» below and of course we have added the song to LGBTQ Music Chart – Pride playlist. Since 2020 we only accept pride songs that is released in cooperation with LGBTQ/pride organisation to be added to our Pride playlist on Spotify.

Written by: Ephram St. Cloud