An Art Collective? A Band? An Artist? It’s Up To You To Decide Who The Enigmatic mære Is…

today29/09/2022 4

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Enigmatic group mære comprises of various collaborators and is fronted by spokesperson and music producer Cee.

Expect a simple yet emotive music video to accompany this sleek, Alt RnB number, which is set to be beautifully in keeping with the band’s underground, vibey aesthetic. «Red Room» will also form part of an upcoming EP from mære, taking centre-stage as its lead track.

Inspired by the likes of Syd, Kelela, Tierra Whack and FKA Twigs, mære leans more towards the alternative, experimental side of pop and is perfect music to chill to. Yet mære is certainly not surface level and is sure to intrigue the deeper thinkers out there…

Cee of mære explains the meaning behind their upcoming track:

«’Red Room’ is in part about a feeling of isolation, caused maybe by depression or some external factors. We left that open to interpretation, as it was written in Moscow right when the war started, and both me and Gau felt the influence of that uncertainty about the future».

Red Room’s video will be a simple take of Gau singing with atmospheric lighting, with the camera zooming in and out.

It’s perhaps best to think of mære as an art collective… comprising of elusive front person Cee, who for the most part, appears masked on socials, joined alongside various other musical collaborators.

mære began life in June 2021. Amongst its talented and diverse members is Russian singer Gau, who Cee met at a Moscow Karaoke back in December 2021. The empowering nature of collaboration that underpins the world of mære is symptomatic of a desire for unity through art and through life – a fusion, where people merge. Parts of a whole; intertwined souls.

The collective come from various countries – Italy, Germany, the USA and Russia. Though they might be geographically distanced, they are brought closer together via core, shared social values (think feminism, anti-racism and anti-capitalism).

Creating music is also a cathartic process for mære, allowing Cee and everyone involved – including the listeners – to express parts of themselves that might otherwise remain hidden. As a non-binary person, Cee is fascinated by the concept of inner versus superficial identity – how ‘who we are’ is shaped depending on the information we project into the world. Merging as a collective, both collaborators and listeners come together to explore and to express who they truly are.

Written by: News Room