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Antonio Sky Releases Debut Single «Ecstasy»

today09/11/2022 30

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Antonio Sky

Registered nurse by day and singer by night, Antonio Sky is finally ready to release his first pop single «Ecstasy».

With influences ranging from Whitney Houston, Selena Gomez, Mariah Carey, Celine to Michael Jackson, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, Journey, Bruno Mars, Prince or even Stevie Wonder, Antonio is really an eclectic singer.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now based in South Philadelphia, Antonio started singing as early as the age of 6 years old. He would even compete in local competitions around the city and that’s when he developed a true passion for singing.

Antonio Sky wants to use music to share his story, the one of a Latino kid who is part of the LGBT Community and hopefully inspires others. Life wasn’t easy for the artist but he wants to show that anything is possible despite any barriers life throws at us.

Antonio wrote the song «Ecstasy» pretty quickly, it started with some melodies playing in his head and then the song flowed out of him.

Here’s how he describes the song: «Have you ever went out to a club, party or anywhere really and seen someone who totally catch tour eye. Time stands still. You can imagine all the things (Naughty and nice) that could be possible between you and them. And then eventually manifesting that desire».

Written by: News Room