«Here Comes The Attraction» to celebrate the small wins in life

today25/01/2023 6

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ViennaCC Steampunk

ViennaCC is a new up-and-coming artist who fortuitously uses his long-standing expertise to help create something modern and relevant for all to enjoy.

This 55-year-old musical star believes wholeheartedly believes that when one is young at heart, age becomes an arbitrary number. This attitude, coupled with energetic pop music keeps the audience on their feet, forcing them to groove to the beat of the song.

The eclectic artist is most famously known as «Pop Daddy» an endearing term for an individual whose musical taste may not neatly match his actual age. One might think that someone who is this old should enjoy musical genres from their own time. In this case, they would sadly be mistaken. For ViennaCC «classical music» is not only Mozart and Beethoven but also Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin. This musician’s consortium of music resides in the beautiful contradiction between his age and his passion, thus, truly showing the audience that anything is possible.

The hit new music video «Here Comes the Attraction» is an already-released musical single that now has a fun new music video with it. In this video, the singer is placed (with a hand) into the scenery with young Indonesian dancers. The upbeat musical melodies and insightful lyrics coupled with amazingly talented dancers help create a visual scenery that engrosses the audience in the video. It is this escapism that especially lures loyal fans and new listeners the singer creates.

This innovative style of K-Pop/J-Pop songs is a novelty in the musical industry wherein pop singles only take a couple of mainstream forms. ViennaCC wants individuals to embrace sayings like «Growing old and staying young at heart» or «Age is not a question of years» as not just words of wisdom but codes of life. The aspiring artist wishes to couple youth and joyfulness with a little more experience and knowledge, collected over the years to help produce enduring music.

Written by: News Room