Ariōn Delivers New Single «I Come»

today22/11/2022 10

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Ariōn releases brand new single, «I Come», a liberating escape for the future rave, club-ready fan. Produced with XJB, this song has all of the late night, rave-pop elements to get anyone and everyone coming up.

The non-binary, singer, songwriter and prolific performer brings high energy to every endeavour they take on – Ariōn has joined line-ups side by side to the likes of Self Esteem, Cat Burns, and Bree Runway, as well as supporting Hayley Kiyoko at the Royal Albert Hall. They performed in Trafalgar Square for Pride in London, can be found dancing for the likes of Honey Dijon, Peggy Gou and Jodie Harsh around Europe at parties like the legendary Little Gay Brother, Feel It and Homobloc, whilst also being an official ambassador for both Savage x Fenty and Vitaly.

Raised by the stars, as a «moon creature on high», Ariōn says they were born to perform. From a very young age they attended every acting and singing class at their local community centre, and with their star quality aura, was accepted into the iconic BRIT School where they became a master of putting on a show. Growing up, Ariōn openly looked up to the greats – Prince, George Michael, and secretly aspired to one day be like Aaliyah or Britney Spears. Ariōn’s new music reflects this inspiration. The sound is deep, sexy and enthralling all at once, possessed of a hypnotic power that fuels every song and every show.

Having taken a break after the release of their debut «Expectations» EP in 2019, Ariōn began embracing nightlife as a large part of their influence, dancing at queer London nights and on stages in Ibiza. They invested in their writing, indulging in different styles and growing their sound. Coming out of the uncertain isolation of the past two years, Ariōn refocused their creativity, giving space to their natural charisma and talent for capturing attention. Formerly releasing music under the name Aaron Porter, their new direction, style and outlook deserved a rebirth. Ariōn made a return to the music scene last month with their breakup single, «WYWFM», and has plans to release more new music.

On «I Come», Ariōn says – «This song became a thing at the afters! It started as one of those in-jokes that grows from the end of a huge night out, but when I started working on it in the studio, the track took on a life of its own. A true mantra, I especially love how much energy this song gives! It makes me want to go straight back out with the girls».

Ariōn has garnered over half a million streams so far and has received notable support from Attitude, Notion, ODDA, Risk Magazine and Vogue.

Ariōn’s brand new single, «I Come» is out now, and is available to stream or download from all major music platforms.

Written by: News Room