Friday, September 22, 2023

Fabian Raad – «Insatiable»

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Fabian Raad, former lead singer and producer of the «Alphas» and nephew of the late Eurovision icon «Joy Fleming», is embarking on his solo project, which will release throughout 2023.

Originally, the demo track was called «Róisín Murphy» as after bumping into her at Somerset house many years ago I had written it for her. When I thought about my solo release, I really wanted to include an uptempo track that is super radio friendly. I always love a good disco vibe so we brought that out a bit more with all the catchy disco harmonies.

«Insatiable» is a catchy disco-pop song, that feels right at home in any club or house party. It’s an intricate love song that dives into the constant longing for your lover. It has all the makings of a timeless earworm, while making sure that it’s easily danceable to get the listener moving. It was recorded in Amsterdam‘s notable «Park Studios».

The dance performance visuals showcase a creative project from start to finish, mimicking countless club nights with friends. It’s a lighthearted and cheeky video to go alongside this upbeat, good-vibes-only track.

For the past 5 years, fabian has lent his musicality to the alphas, producing and lead singing on their current releases. most recently, the creative compilation «HIS)tory», with included tracks like the crowd banger «hands on you» (produced by renowned London DJ FInlay C) or known blog «earmilk’s» guilty pleasure, the R&B track«Love language»

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