Icelandic Paralympic swimmer and LGBTQ musician, Már (23), has released new music

today14/06/2023 21

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The Icelandic star Már. are reflected. Blue sweater, Már. has brown with hint of red hair. On the bottom of the picture , centred text : Már. in white capital letters. This pictures are a port of Már's. single cover for the single "Falling for You"

While it is far more difficult to locate LGBTQ elite sportsmen, as a member of the LGBTQ community who works in both the music and sports industries, Már find the creative sector to be significantly more open and accepting. This is due to the innumerable renowned LGBTQ musicians who have [...]

Már revealed in a press interview during the Tokyo Paralympics in 2021 that he was attracted to guys. The level of support he has gotten from the Icelandic people surprised him. Since then, He’ve made a commitment to always being authentic, whether he’s on stage or in the water. he do this in an effort to persuade contemporary athletes and their organisations to let go of preconceptions and antiquated ideas in order to secure everyone’s wellbeing and access to possibilities. Már (23) are an openly blind gay man.

«I am putting in a lot of work this summer in order to be the finest and gayest version of myself possible when I compete in the world championships», Mar‘s tells LGBTQ Music Chart proudly. «Falling for You» is a brand-new song that Mar recently released, and there will be more music coming soon.

«Falling for You» is a passionate love song that combines classic ballad melodies with elements of contemporary pop music. The subject of the song is how unexpected feelings and surprises in love can happen.

He intends to perform admirably in the 100-meter backstroke at the Paralympics in Paris next year if he is qualifies to compete.

He has always wished to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest. He and his sister placed third with their song, «Don’t you Know», in Iceland’s Eurovision selection the last year. He expects to be able to enter once again, so this was a terrific warm-up, Mar concludes.

Take a listen below.

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