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Denmark’s First Queer Rapper Makes a Statement Against Patriarchy

today19/09/2023 6

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Pictures of Elijah Kashmir with pink hair and make-up

With their video «Resurrection» , non-binary artist Elijah Kashmir offers a unique perspective on growing up in a homophobic and patriarchal milieu.

We follow the journey from denial and self-hatred to rebellion, liberty, and pride in being queer through the EP’s eight songs.

Exploring this extremely personal and difficult material is a huge endeavour for the Danish-Palestinian artist, who was ostracised by their family when they were teenagers. Elijah Kashmir and his family were forced to evacuate their home and seek sanctuary in a «safe house». Since then, the now 25-year-old artist has worked hard to accept and embrace their genuine self. Creating «Resurrection» is a sincere obligation for Elijah Kashmir. With this EP, the artist hopes to inspire other young people from mixed-race backgrounds to be themselves and live meaningful lives.

Elijah Kashmir (they/them) is well aware that «Resurrection» will definitely incite rage and disdain in large elements of the community in which they grew up. Making it visible that one can be both LGBTQ and Muslim is an unavoidable element of the work.

Elijah’s music attempts to create space for experimentation, to disrupt standards, and to anchor themselves in feelings of empowerment and grief. Rap is a confluence of hard-hitting productions and norm-defying lyrics. With the hits «Badass Bitch» and «Dryp», Elijah had a fantastic start. They have performed at Villa CPH, SPOT festival, as support for Mykki Bianco, and at the closing celebration of Copenhagen Pride in front of 25,000 euphoric spectators at Copenhagen City Hall Square. Their work has been highlighted in Soundvenue’s «top tracks» section and Gaffa’s «keep an eyeon» section (September 2022 edition). They are now up for «Artist of the Year» at the Danish Rainbow Awards.

«This collection of 8 tracks showcases my journey of self-discovery and rebirth, as I explore themes of neglect, growth, and empowerment. With a sound that blends elements of electronic, pop and reggaeton. This EP is about the process of
resurrecting – both personally and creatively. It’s about finding the strength to let go of the pain from the past, and to create a new, more authentic version of myself. Unapologetically». – Elijah Kashmir

Elijah Kashmir Releases their Debut EP ‘«Resurrection» on 22nd September, 2023.

Written by: News Room