Marcus and Martinus Disappointed with Norwegian Eurovision Commentators

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Marcus and Martinus

Explore the criticisms and appreciation for their music, the importance of embracing musical diversity, and the potential for growth and evolution in the industry.

Marcus and Martinus Disappointed with Norwegian Eurovision Commentators

The twin brothers, Marcus and Martinus, who represent Sweden at this year’s Eurovision, have expressed their disappointment with the Norwegian Eurovision commentators. According to the brothers, the commentators have crossed a line by making derogatory remarks about them, such as calling them the «Quisling brothers».

Overstepping Boundaries

In an interview with Aftenposten, Marcus Gunnarsen from the duo Marcus and Martinus stated, «We think the commentators have gone way over the line». The brothers feel that the comments made about them were disrespectful and uncalled for. Being referred to as the «Quisling brothers», a reference to the Norwegian politician who collaborated with the Nazis during World War II, is particularly offensive to them.

A Disappointing Betrayal

In addition to the disappointment expressed by Marcus and Martinus, KK editor Ingeborg Heldal also criticised the twins’ performance on the NRK program «Adresse Malmö», newspaper VG reports. Heldal stated that the twins had «let us down in the worst way». However, she clarified that her comment was not meant to cause harm.

It is clear that there is a difference of opinion when it comes to the twins’ performance at Eurovision. While some may find their music too commercial, others appreciate their talent and the appeal they have to a wide audience.

One of the criticisms levelled against Marcus and Martinus is that their song, «Unforgettable» would not have won in Norway. Some argue that a more non-commercial choice, such as the band Gåte, would have been a better representation of Norwegian music. However, it is important to note that musical tastes vary, and what may be considered commercial to some might be appealing to others.

Embracing Musical Diversity

The debate surrounding Marcus and Martinus’ performance highlights a broader issue within the Norwegian music scene. Some argue that Norway should embrace a wider range of musical genres and not limit itself to what is considered culturally appropriate.

Gåte, for example, is a band that is often funded and supported by Norwegian government grants. While this allows them to create music that may not have commercial appeal, it also restricts their reach to a broader audience. In order for the Norwegian music industry to grow and evolve, it is crucial to embrace all kinds of music, including those that may be seen as more commercial.

Comparisons have been drawn to Sweden in 1974 when many Swedes believed that ABBA was too commercial. However, over time, ABBA’s music became iconic and beloved around the world. This serves as a reminder that musical tastes can change and evolve.

It is important for Norway to move forward with the times and not be stuck in the mindset of the past. By embracing a diverse range of music, the country can foster creativity and innovation within its music industry.

In conclusion, Marcus and Martinus’ disappointment with the Norwegian Eurovision commentators reflects a larger debate about the direction of the Norwegian music industry. While some may criticise their commercial appeal, it is essential to recognise that musical tastes vary and that embracing diversity is key to the growth and evolution of the industry.

Written by: Jungle Telegraph