«Don’t listen to this song» by Queer pop stars Bentley Robles and Gregory Dillon is Our new pop-punk Breakup Obsession

today16/11/2022 11

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Bentley Robles and Gregory Dillon

Channeling in on the crazy ex trope, pop artists Bentley Robles and Gregory Dillon have teamed up write a razor sharp anthem that delivers a simple message to their past flings: «you're so f*cking stupid».

Despite promises to play nice, Bentley Robles and Gregory Dillon realised they both had some impeccable break-up credentials to boast. The two quickly channeled their experiences into 2 minutes of pure viral pop-punk IDGAF energy that lends to the likes of Gayle’s «ABCDEFU».

Riding around suburban streets while blasting their track in teletubby costumes seems to only be the beginning of their new found havoc, as the duo capture their escapades on camera across New York City, including the red carpet at The Wavy Awards where Robles was nominated for song of the year. On his inspiration behind the song, Bentley Robles says: «I wrote DL2TS after my most recent relationship began to unsurprisingly circle the drain. DL2TS is my IDGAF anthem anthem – I’d talk to you more about the ex, but in the true fashion of the song – he’s fucking stupid».

Approaching 7 million streams across their combined catalogs and intense internet demand for a collab, DL2TS is hazed in a addictive punk sound clearly evolved from the pop perfection that led them to becoming habitual editorial playlist favourite’s (Fresh Finds, Obsessed, Out Now). Robles, Hailed by Monster Children as «the future of pop» and Dillon, the «internet sad boy icon of our dreams» (Notion) have truly created a lighting in a bottle track and smashed it like a molotov cocktail.

Written by: News Room