Friday, September 22, 2023

Emma Jayne Uncovers Strength Through Vulnerability With «Gallery Wall»

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The singer-songwriter faces fears of change and commitment head-on in newest indie pop single «Gallery Wall»

Through whimsical pop instrumentals and delicate folk-inspired storytelling, Emma Jayne has created a space that pulls listeners in with both familiarity and wonder. «Gallery Wall», now streaming, is Emma Jayne’s most vulnerable project to date. This delicate single explores the anxiety that change and unfamiliar circumstances can bring to the surface when reaching new depths of commitment in long-term relationships. Emma gained inspiration from a surreal moment between her and her partner while setting up their own gallery wall in their NYC apartment. After three and a half years, the reflection of memories on their walls conjured a lingering sense of pride and adoration for all that they built.

The fear of rejection runs deep through society, as the thought of being blindsided causes many to run from changes that are good, bad, or indifferent. When finding the words to say felt impossible, the only other option was to create art that speaks for her. Emma not only creates a touching expression of emotions, but she also crafted a space to celebrate how far they’ve come and thankful she is for all the memories that have been cherished along the way. Lyrics like, «Scientists say that it’s normal, so we keep on chugging on, bend the rules a bit, promise to stick around», fill the single with a sense of hope for the future and serve as gentle reminders of their commitment to one another.

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