Sweden won with a bittersweet taste because of jury votes, Finland won the people !

today14/05/2023 134

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Eurovision - 2023

Must be a bittersweet taste for Sweden, when you only wins because of the jury votes.

Loreen didn’t win the people, she won only because of the her fans in the jury!

Käärijä did what 2 times Eurovision winner Loreen couldn’t do, to win peoples hearts. Finland came second with their song «Cha Cha Cha».

Loreen hasn’t had a hit in the magnitude as «Euphoria» was and still is, since 2012. So a decade later she is back with «Tattoo» and becomes a hit because it’s the Swedish entry for Eurovision 2023 – this is her second hit all other song she has released has gone past in silence – if we take a look at the streaming number to «Euphoria» and «Tattoo» and compare them.Take a look at «Neon Lights» released in 2022, at this time has almost 2.5 million streams on Spotify, while «Tattoo» has over 58 millions just after few weeks as streamable.

Congratulation to Sweden for winning the Eurovision because of jury votes and congratulation to Finland winning peoples vote (the true fans and listeners).

Even the Liverpool crowd struggled to conceal their disapproval of the jury’s verdicts. Based on the results of the popular vote, Liverpool’s audience was more in favour of the results of the televote.

Written by: News Room