Denmark: UBLU opposes DR and Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024

today15/02/2024 11

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Album cover of UBLU

On the upcoming Saturday, Denmark will have the opportunity to select its participant for the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, taking place in the city of Malmö, Sweden.

One of the top contenders is UBLU, the band formed by Adam Spanggaard Saarup, Andreas Darger, Marie Rørbæk, and Martina Nielsen, set to perform «Planetary Hearts»!

After Iceland, Ireland, Finland, and Norway, Slovenia, Ukraine, and now Denmark have all joined in expressing vehement objections to Israel’s participation in the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

In Denmark, approximately 400 individuals from the Danish music industry have recently signed an open letter denouncing Israel’s involvement in this year’s Eurovision. This group includes all four members of UBLU, reports.

We believe that Israel’s participation goes against the values ​​we usually perceive Eurovision to stand for: unity and diversity. We feel that as participants in Melodi Grand Prix Denmark we have to determine what our position is. In fact, the EBU’s decision to include Israel in this year’s Eurovision is just as political as the choice to exclude it.


Written by: News Room